100% Pure Tea Tree Oil - 50ml

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The natural antibacterial power of Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful, natural antibacterial which inhibits a broad spectrum of bacteria to cleanse and protect skin abrasions and blemishes.

Well tolerated by healthy skin tissue and does not inhibit normal cell growth.

Absorbed quickly into the skin and even goes through finger nails and toe nails!

Thursday Plantation guarantees low para-cymene content to limit potential irritation.

Para-cymene is considered as a moderate irritant that occurs naturally in many essential oils and can also be formed as a result of the essential oil degrading.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil guarantees that the antibacterial agent - Terpinen-4-ol, exceeds International and Australian standards, guaranteeing the best quality Tea Tree Oil product available.

100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Free from SLS, synthetic parabens, synthetics and fillers; guaranteeing unaltered, pure oil.

The active in Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil, Terpinen-4-oL, is 15% greater than International and Australian standards.

Lower risk of potential skin sensitization, due to lower para-cymene content, a potential irritating agent that can occur in essential oils.

Thursday Plantation still own their own plantation in Ballina, New South Wales, Australia.

Not to be taken internally.

It is recommended that you skin patch test prior to use. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. Do not cover applied area. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use during pregnancy and while breast-feeding without medical supervision.

Do not use near eyes: avoid contact with eyes. Seek medical attention if contact occurs.